Free Open Range Day April 29

Come try your hand at competition shooting and enjoy a day at Lonesome Oak Gun Range!

Razorback Dynamic Shooters and Lonesome Oak Gun Range are excited to welcome you! Come tour Northwest Arkansas’ premier private outdoor range and try your hand at IDPA, Steel Challenge, and USPSA shooting competitions for FREE!


• April 29, 10am to 4pm
• Come anytime – there is no set start time for any stage


• Lonesome Oak Gun Range, 2106 W. Centerton Blvd., Centerton AR – Get directions


• Try stages from IDPA, USPSA and Steel Challenge matches
• Practice on the steel fun range
• Free food and expert instruction available


• Event is open to handguns, pistol-caliber carbines and .22LR rifles
• IDPA & USPSA stages require a holster and a minimum of 3 magazines
• Hearing & eye protection is required for all attendees
• Full event will require a minimum of 150 rounds of ammo
• A wagon, backpack, etc. to transport your gear around the range is recommended


• THIS IS A COLD RANGE – All weapons must remain unloaded until instructed to load by a Safety Officer. Carry weapons should be left in your vehicle. All weapons should be bagged upon arrival and not removed until cleared to do so during the check-in process.

• Hearing and eye protection are required for ALL attendees.

• Upon arrival, a waiver must be signed for each member of your party.

• Kids are welcome and there is no set minimum age – we expect you to know if your children are ready to participate in this type of event. Children must be under direct adult supervision at all times. Each Stage Safety Officer has the final say in who can shoot their stage.

• NO CENTERFIRE RIFLES OR SHOTGUNS ARE ALLOWED AT THIS EVENT. Pistol-caliber carbines and .22LR rifles only.


• Park in the designated areas. Leave ALL firearms bagged until instructed to remove them at a safety table. Proceed to the CHECK-IN area to complete your paperwork and receive further instructions.


• Please CONTACT US via email for any further information